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At Center Irrigation our experience will deliver you the correct Center Pivot / Lateral Move Irrigation system tailor made for your irrigation system requirements. One of the world’s most experienced and innonvative Pivot / Lateral Move manufacturers, REINKE Manufacturing is world renowned for setting the standards in mechanised irrigation systems. Center Irrigation can deliver the full range of REINKE systems.

Warning a must see video before you let your Reinke Lateral loose..

Aluminium Pipe (A-60G & A-80G)Centre pivot top crop, Center Irrigation

The Reinke A-60G and A-80G can deliver weight savings of up to 30% over some competitive all-steel systems.

Centre Pivots like this one working on Broccoli near Ballarat have now set the standard. These systems deliver unmatched advantages such as:

  • Greater corrosion resistance
  • Less wheel tracking
  • Lower centre of gravity (a benefit on hilly country)

You would be amazed where we have these pivots operating.

At Center Irrigation we can use the full line of Pivot / Lateral Move options to customise your system ncluding:

  • Five types of pipe material
  • Seven different tyre sizes
  • Three different control centres
  • Large range of end gun and sprinkler options
  • Towable, Pivoting and Fixed, Pivot / Later Move systems
  • Corner systems, wrap around spans, duel center pivot, disconnection span joint

Guided linear hose drag, Center IrrigationReinke GPS Guided Linear Hose drag system

Reinke Electrogator II Lateral Move Systems offer optimum reliability and efficiency. They are designed to irrigate square or rectangular paddocks by travelling in straight lines. These Lateral Move systems are available in hose drag and channel feed, with a variety of options and guidance systems.

New Product

The New Electrogator II has now been released with 4 ˝” water pipe. The E2045 is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications from small paddocks, limited water flow and turf irrigation. Contact Center Irrigation now to find out the benefits’ this system can give your operation and secure your E2045 today!

Remember - it's your Reinke! Build it how you want and experience the difference! For all sales enquiries please fill out the contact form located on the side menu.

Reinke Towable Centre Pivot, Center Irrigation Aust
Reinke A60-G Towable Centre Pivot

Reinke high flow pivot, Center Irrigation
Reinke A80-G High Flow Pivot

Center Irrigation Australia Centre pivot, Center Irrigation Australia
This Reinke 1250m wide laterel is working near Conargo North of Deniliquin New South Wales...installed and comissioned by Center Irrigation..
See this massive Lateral Move Irrigation in action below.

The Reinke Canal Feed Lateral Move Irrigator. These Systems are self contained units complete with motor and pump on the tractor unit itself. They can be built to be one sided or centre feed to suit a wide range of paddock sizes. The Reinke Center Feed unit can be built to a massive 1.2kms wide, using up to a massive 25 Megs per day. With Reinke’s massive 16” suction and self-cleaning screens they are with no doubt the leader In this type of irrigation system. Available with the GPS Guided option.

The Reinke Canel feed Lateral Move Irrigator is surly the biggest of the big!! See here...

Center Irrigation has its head office near Ballarat Victoria, we also have an office at Deniliquin, New South Wales.

CenterCenter Irrigation has further Sub/Dealer opportunities in Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

For all enquiries please fill out the contact form located on the menu. Reinke Parts.....We have a full range of Reinke parts, if you have an older system in need of parts please give us a call.We also have buyers waiting for used systems. If you are looking to up grade of have a system you dont use please give us a call and discuss.

We are happy to appraise your system for you. Call 0438 809517.

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