4 Wheel Pivot Mover 

4 wheel cart fitted with Generator and fuel tank. 

This set-up is as good as it comes. Self contained center point for a quick move. We now use this type of Gen-set on all our systems above a required 6KVA. These units are also available in silent pack format: We also fit a single phase plug as well on these units.  

Pivot cart, Center Irrigation Australia     Pivot mover, Center Irrigation

With a Reinke 4 wheel cart Reinke keeps it simple when it comes to towable Centre Pivots.                                                                                                                      


Towable span in tow mode. 

 4 pivot mover, Center Irrigation     4 Wheel pivot mover, Center Irrigation Australia 

The Reinke 4 Wheel Pivot Mover can be fittied to be a self contained unit.                    

                                                                                        4 wheel pivot mover, Center Irrigation

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