A-60G A80-G ALM

Up to 30% lighter than competitive all steel systems. That’s what you get with REINKE A60-G & A80-G Pivot. The A-60G (6" mainline pipe) and A80-G (8" mainline pipe} has become the benchmark in centre pivots. Reinke's A60-G/A80-G are corrosion resistant and have longer life expectancy in some water types. 

The Reinke A80-G/A60-G is so popular that 8 out of every 10 system we sell are sold with this pipe option and strong, these systems are almost bullet proof. We have them working on potato ground on sides of hills well beyond manufacturers recommendations (at owner’s choice). Think about it ,less weight up top, more weight on the bottom gives you a lower centre of gravity. The A80-G and the A60-G also has a longer Wheel base to further add to the stability. The A60-G has been in use since 1994 and has now proved the test of time and with out doubt it is my choice of Center Pivot /Lateral Move system today.

This A80-G/A60 below working in NSW has 5 spans of 8" ALM water pipe and 3 spans of 6" ALM water pipe with a 15.5m ALM overhang. With REINKE truss supported end booms as seen here the system is strong enough to support a 5Hp boost pump right on the very end so no friction it lost through a seperate pipe like on some competitors systems. That’s why I believe we have the best end boom and end gun system made to day. This Towable Reinke A80-G/A60-G is working on old rice country with little to no wheel rutting and is delivering 90lps.

Reinke A80 60 G, Center Irrigation

Reinke delivers flexibility of span design with revolutionary A-60G and A-80G.The A-60G and A-80G feature galvanized steel undertrussing with six- and eight-inch aluminium mainline pipe respectively.  These pipe and truss combinations provide high corrosion resistance similar to all-aluminium for less cost. The Reinke A-60G and A-80G are lighter alternatives to an all-steel. This Reinke A80-G/A60-G working in Northern Victoria has 4 Spans of 8" ALM water pipe and 4 spans of 6" ALM water pipe. This system also has a 15.5 ALM end boom with a 5 Hp boost pump. 

Reinke A80 60 G, Center Irrigation

Reinke A60-G working on Potato ground at Ballarat.

A60 G, Center Immigration

A Reinke A60-G working on a winter grain growing property MolortVictoria.

Yield building, Center Irrigation


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