Center Pivots 

Electrogator II ™

First introduced by Reinke in 1968, the Electrogator became the world’s first reversible, electric-gear-drive center pivot irrigation system. The best is now getting better. 

  • Single leg tower - stronger and more flexible to save you money
  • Internal flex joint - better flexibility to reduce the need for repairs
  • High strength steel - lighter and stronger for reduced wheel tracking and better durability
  • V-ring pipe flange seal - never needs to be replaced
  • Double wall tower box with a mechanical interlock system - safer and more reliable than anything else on the market
  • Pipe selection - the widest variety in the industry to give you more choice and better results for your water type
Many people may not know that the original Electrogators were designed and equipped with an angle iron, double leg tower similar to what is seen on competitive machines today. In 1975 our engineers found a better way and changed our tower design to incorporate a single channel leg design. With the recent introduction of the Electrogator II we have further improved our tower design by building our single leg tower from roll-formed material creating a "C" channel leg that improves leg strength by an additional 21 percent.


In 1973, Reinke introduced the Alumigator, the world’s first and only all-aluminum center pivot (pivot center and truss rods are still made with high-strength steel). The Alumigator’s many advantages include: the widest wheelbase in the industry (16 feet), corrosion resistant aluminum pipe and flexibility of span design.

Reinke also offers systems with six-and eight-inch aluminum pipeline and galvanized steel undertrussing. This combination provides corrosion-resistance and a lighter alternative to an all-steel system.

Fast Fact

The Alumigator’s strong yet lightweight all-aluminum construction makes it the perfect choice for sod farms and fields with difficult soil types. The high strength, corrosion resistant aluminum also makes the Alumigator a good choice for most wastewater projects.

Fast Fact

Reinke center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems are a great choice for land application of animal, industrial, and municipal wastewater. The ability to select from chromium nickel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum water pipe means a Reinke system can be customized to handle most corrosive water situations.

S-65G and S-85G

These machines have stainless steel water pipe and galvanized support structure.   

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