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The Reinke Swing arm corner system is availble on all new† Reinke pivot (non-tow) systems.

Swing Arm Corner - The Reinke Swing Arm Corner (S.A.C.) and Super Swing Arm Corner (S.S.A.C.) are available on all new Reinke (non-tow) systems. Both of these systems allow growers to irrigate more acres without buying more land or purchasing additional systems. Even though S.A.C. and S.S.A.C. are options on all new systems, they can be retrofitted on existing Reinke systems and most competitive systems.

Other Swing Arm Corner Advantages


Swing Corner System 1205, Center Irrigation (Aust)

  • Exclusive swing span design uses a simple ball-and-socket hinge, which reduces maintenance and repair costs

  • Steering sensor enclosed in PVC for protection and located directly over the wheel for accurate tracking

  • Pinpoint accuracy keeps tire track variances less than one-half a wheel width

  • Exclusive overhead cantilevered design provides exceptional stability and support to the end boom

  • Uniform water application throughout the corner

FAST FACT: The S.S.A.C. is a 318-foot swing arm, which has a wetted radius of 408 feet - the longest in the industry.

Energy Saver Package - Reinkeís patented E.S.P. system complements the S.A.C. by maximizing the use of available water via two separate sprinkler packages on the main system. The E.S.P. system also ensures uniform chemical or fertilizer application without changing injector pump settings as the swing arm extends and retracts. The result can be lower energy costs and chemical/fertilizer savings.

GPS - Reinkeís user-friendly, patented GPS guidance option uses advanced satellite technology to precisely guide the Swing Arm Corner system around the field. GPS guidance eliminates the need for the traditional buried wire. With GPS, growers who work with rocky and hard-to-trench soil can experience the benefits of swing arm corner irrigation more conveniently and cost effectively. In the event field perimeters change, simply enter the new field coordinates into the GPS software, and the corner systemís path is automatically adjusted. Reinkeís GPS technology eliminates lightning damage to buried wire, is virtually maintenance-free, and will save you time and money. The irrigation professionals at your local Reinke dealer handle installation and maintenance of the GPS system.

Accu-Corner - The Accu-Corner system features programmable logic controllers (PLC) that provide exceptional water application control.

FAST FACT: When combined with the Reinke E.S.P., the Accu-Corner, S.A.C., and S.S.A.C. can precisely apply one inch of water in about 16 hours less time than comparable corner systems without E.S.P.

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