Ditch Feed Lateral / Linear Move Irrigation Systems 

Ditch feed lateral linear irrigator   

Ditch Feed Lateral / Linear Irrigator 

The Reinke Ditch Feed is a compact,clean design with a self-contained power unit that carries its own pumping equiptment and generator. Use of the center feed option in larger fields provides annual energy savings by reducing system pressure loss. 


These Systems are Self contained units complete with motor and pump on the tractor unit it-self. They can be built as centre fed or one sided to suit a wide rage of paddocks. The REINKE Centre feed unit can be built to a massive 1.3 kms wide and handle flows of up to 25Megs per day.

With Reinke’s Massive 16” suction and self cleaning screen they are with no doubt the leader with this type of system and yes it can have the option of GPS Guidance.

(The REINKE Canel Feed Lateral/ linear Move Irrigator is surely the biggest of the big)





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