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Introducing the newest member of the Electrogator II family of high quality center pivots, the all new Minigator. Equipped with 4.5" water pipe the Minigator still offers many of the same features as its big brother - the Electrogator II.

Reinke has been building and servicing this type of small piped machine since 1971 with many of the original Minigator machines still operating today - all around the world.

With a maximum system length of 1,300 feet and a simplified yet fully-funtional, high-quality control panel standard, the Minigator is a perfect fit for small or irregularly shaped fields, pivot corners, low gallonage wells or simply where you need a lower cost system alternative.  

For all the details about an irrigation system that is sized down for your smaller fields yet loaded up with Reinke's time proven Electrogutor II features, benefits and quality you demand, call us at Center Irrigation today! 

For more information, download the Reinke EII 2045 Pivot/Lateral Option



Main control panel

Minigator System Specifications

Pivot Point 6" pivot centre
Pipe Diameter 4.5"
Pipe Type
High strength galvanised steel with Reinke's industry exclusive V-ring seal construction
Outlet spacing
Span lengths
118", 137', 156' and 175'
118, Span weight (lbs) Wet
3066 lbs
137' Span weight (lbs) Wet
3248 lbs
156' Span weight (lbs) Wet
3452 lbs
175' Span weight (lbs) Wet
3906 lbs
Span Connection
Reinke's standard internal hook and receiver
Truss rods
High strength 9/16"
Truss struts
2 1/8" x 2 1/8" 10 gauge and 12 gauge
Truss cross braces
1 3/4" x 1 3/4" 10 gauge
Tower leg
Roll formed C-Channel 8" x 3" x 1.25"
Tower height
Standard height minimum 9' crop clearance
Tower box
Reinke's industry exclusive double walled tower box
Endboom lengths
 3', 13', 23', 32' and 42'
Booster pump options
2 HP
Available tyre sizes
11 x 22.5", 11.2 x 24", 14.9 x 24", 11.2 x 38", 13.6 x 38"
Maximum machine length 1300'
Drive train
UMC Moderate Duty Wheel Gear or UMC 740
Single phase Yes/220
Towable pivot point
Kwik tow
Main control panel
RPM basic panel standard with all levels of RPM panels available





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