End Gun Options

Reinke Advantages

Proper end gun selection can improve overall crop portection. With this in mind, Reinke offers many selections to best meet your needs and field conditions.

Added benefits of Reinke Volume End Guns

Overhang design allows for booster pump location near the end gun which eliminates friction loss and mazimised end gun pressure. Proper end gun selection helps maintain uniform water application.

Boost pump, Center Irrigation

Available End Gun Options

Type Gun 


 End Pressure


End Gun Flow 


 Approx. Coverage

 Nelson P85A    25-40 PSI    70 GPM or less    35-55 ft. w/diffuser
 Nelson P85A         40-60 PSI        90 GPM or less         50-75 ft.
 Nelson SR75    35-75 PSI    25-160 GPM    60-110 ft.
 Komet Twin Max    35-75 PSI    25-220 GPM    60-125 ft.
 Sime Wing    50-75 PSI    45-230 GPM    80-130 ft.
 Nelson SR100    50-75 PSI    50-250 GPM    80-130 ft.


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