Reinke Mini Center Pivot.

Available in sizes up to 85m coverage + end-gun giving a wetted width of up 100m. The Reinke Mini Gator is now also available in the all new 2045 version.. with 4 ˝” water pipe, and is available up to 65m coverage +end-gun giving a wetted width of up to 85m.


Just a fantastic way to irrigate those small areas.

Mini pivot

This Reinke Mini Pivot was installed on the Learmonth Football oval near Ballarat. With the use of a small end gun we were able to irrigate the whole oval. It take's just a short time to move the system on and of the oval as it can be reversed towed.   


Mini Pivot

REINKE Minigator


The REINKE Minigator, an engine driven mini pivot system, is ideal for smaller fields.

The system is designed to be trouble free and easy to use. When configured to be towable, the Minigator system can be moved quickly with little effort using a small tractor, ute.

Mini Pivot, Center Irrigation (Aust)

These Little units can cover up to nearly 4 Ha with each pass and can be moved from site to site with very little ease. 

Min Pivot, Center Irrigation (Aust)

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