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The Mono borehole pump is the essence of simplicity in design. The simple positive displacement, Mono designed rotor and stator are immersed below draw-down level in the bore or well.

Mono Borehole pumps have provided reliable water supply to thousands of farmers, towns and villages around the world.

Capacity Pressure
m/h 50 bar 30
gpm 185 psi 426


Stock water supply Town and village water supply
Deep bores - up to 300m pressure
Features & Benefits
  • Can be driven by petrol, diesel, electric or PTO.
  • Stainless steel shaft and column available for abrasive applications
  • The motor and drive head are located at ground level for easy inspection, maintenance and installation
  • Column stabilizers are supplied to support the discharge column in relation to the borecasing, thus eliminating vibration
  • Patented bobbin or spider bearings, made of stainless steel to totally eliminate wear on the main drive shaft

Performance Data


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