A Reinke Made Just Right For Australian Conditions 

Reinke's experience adds up to a clear advantage 

For more than 30 years, Reinke has designed, manufactured and distributed the most comprehensive line of mechanized irrigation in the industry. Their success is no fluke. It requires years of refining and redefining the standards of the industry. It also takes real world experience to truly understand why growers need the flexibility to customize their irrigation systems for their specific needs.

Custom designed systems are only the beginning. Reinke's made-to-last products are dependable, virtually trouble-free, cost efficient, labor reducing and able to handle even the most demanding terrain. 

Call Center Irrigation today and find out for yourself how center pivot and lateral move systems are made-to-order with many options. Choose from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, chromium nickel +, or poly-lined mainline pipe, a variety of span lengths, pipe diameters, gearboxes, water application packages and much more.

Fast Fact 

Reinke uses high strength tensile steel in its structural components, creating a system that is stronger, yet not as heavy as competitive systems. This means less wear and tear on the drive train, less wheel tracking problems, and less maintenance and repair costs for you.

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Where We Are 

Reinke’s main plant and corporate offices sit nestled in the heart of America in Deshler, Nebraska. The main plant and corporate offices cover approximately 80 acres with nine acres of manufacturing floor space. Here, members of the Reinke team use their decades of experience to produce the finest mechanized irrigation systems in the world, custom-designed to stand up to nearly any water condition and even the most demanding terrain. Reinke also manufactures one of the fastest growing lines of flatbed trailers and intermodal chassis.

 Reinke Manufacturing, Deshler, Nebraska

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