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11x 38 tyre, Center IrrigationContact Center irrigation and discuss the new SuperTrac tyre option.

Nothing causes farmers more time and money than deep rutting. These ruts become absolute gear box KILLERS by increasing torque to the point of failure. Stop this problem before it ever starts with SuperTrac tires. SuperTrac was designed to decrease the ground pressure by increasing the width of the tread and operating at an extremely low psi. The SuperTrac is a 26 ply 16.00 x 20 radial tire mounted on a galvanized wheel. SuperTrac has solved tracking problems in fields for a FRACTION of the cost of any other available option!

  • Available in 8 or 9 bolt wheel patterns to accommodate all systems
  • Available with non-directional tread or modified tractor tread
  • Ultra-low operating pressure of 8-10 psi
  • Rolling radius similar to 16.9 x 24
  • Use on heavy corner systems for reduced ground pressure
  • More than twice the load carrying capacity of any irrigation duty tire available
  • Much more cost effective than track systems or adding tires to the base beam

Super Trac Flyer

Tyres, Center Irrigation
14x 24 tyre  

Tyres, Center Irrigation
14 x 24 Turf tyre

Tyres, Center Irrigation

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