Wheel Gears   

We offer a range of Center Pivot parts to suit: Reinke                 Full range of parts from bolts and nuts to new systems

  • Valley                  Centre Drives wheel gears and Span conversions to Reinke
  • Irrfrance              Full range of parts including, Span pipe and struts, Wheel Gears, Centre Drives, Electrical
  • TL                       Planetary Gearbox (68:1 ratio, with Manual Disconnect) Span conversions and Electric conversions 
  • Zimmatic             Gear Boxes, Centre Drives, Control panels, ect, Span conversions to Reinke 
  • Bauer                  Gear boxes, Centre Drives, Span Conversions
  • Tyco                    Water pipe struts and bracing , electrics, Span conversion, wheel gears , centre drives,
  • Southern Cross, and more.
    • We can adapt new electrical components and alignment to your old system. We also offer Re pipes for Reinke systems and complete conversions for Tyco system. At Centre Irrigation we can adapt New Spans to your old system (some exclusions)

      Visit the UMC site to see their complete range of products.  

      Advantages of Final Drive Gears

      • Dual input shaft for universal mounting.
      • New - Unique rolling diaphragm design minimizes positive and negative pressure build up during operation. Relieving negative pressure prevents water and contaminants from being drawn into the gear case.
      • New - Stainless steel diaphragm cover provides years of corrosion free life.
      • New - Larger input bearings (largest in the industry) provide 55% greater load capacity for today’s larger tires and faster rotation times.
      • Non-Seizing drain plug for easy maintenance.
      • Non-Seizing fill plug for easy maintenance.
      • New - Input seal features two double-lipped seals with grease-filled gap for extended life.
      • End cap is machined from cast steel to handle the higher loads created with todays larger tires.
      • Seal protector blocks out contaminants and extends seal life.
      • New - Bull gear, designed for greater tooth contact, resulting in higher load capacity and longer life.
      • Large 2 1/4" diameter output shaft and flange are made of high strength steel to carry tower loads.
      • The centering ring doubles as a load-bearing surface relieving stress on the lug bolts and lessening potential wheel damage.
      • New - Reinforced housing provides more material in high stress areas increasing overall strength of the gearbox.
      • Input shaft cover snaps on to either end to guard against seal and shaft damage.
      Non tow hubs, Center Irrigation Australia     Towable Hub, Center Irrigation Australia
      We all so sell Hydrulic plantery drives to suit TL CP/LM Systems give us a call.
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